Obligatory intro... Thyroid-schmyroid #ChubbyGirlSyndrome

This is not my first rodeo, but I may still need some help getting on the horse. I had a blog years ago and I kept it private so I could record my innermost thoughts and feelings; an online journal really. In the past few weeks I have just felt like I needed an outlet to really share who I am with people who may or may not know me, so here goes!
My name is Kortni. I am a little outgoing and slightly sarcastic and occasionally self-deprecating <insert sarcasm here>. I have struggled over the years to be comfortable with who I am; I am a short, chubby girl who has the fashion taste of a lanky model! Someone once asked me how I could like myself when I look like I do... I was slightly offended, natch, but I just looked at this poor girl and said, "Why wouldn't I? I'm amazing and if you don't see then that's your problem!" Did I believe what I said? No, not at all but I couldn't let her see that. Which brings me to the topic I want to discuss: Fake it 'til you make it!

I am all for being real and accepting who you truly are, but if you're not there try faking it for a while. Do you have to fake it forever? I sure hope not! For some people, it can take a few weeks or even months of faking confidence before it becomes a natural attitude. For others *raising my hand* it can take years. For me, it was worth it. I may be curvy/chubby/rotund/plus-sized/fat {that's right, I went there...} but I love myself and know that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Call it cliché, because it is, but it works for me.
In the past eight weeks, I have been able to feel better than I have in years all because of one doctor and her persistence. Being someone who is active and has energy, but cannot lose weight or keep weight off can be damaging, even soul-crushing. Having a doctor tell you that she actually knows why things in the past haven't worked can be life altering. I have been diagnosed with a thyroid issue in my reverse T-3 and my T-3; the hormone cells are irregularly shaped which causes my body to not produce the correct cells. This is coupled with my body's need of being an overachiever in the insulin department, producing 3 1/2 times the amount one person should have. By taking 5 pills a day I have been able to get past the first major hurdle: getting into a regular size! Do I worry about gaining weight back? Only every second of every day. Do I feel better? Yes- internally, physically, emotionally, vainly... yes :) Am I close to my real goal? Not yet, but I am on my way!
If you've read this far, I want to thank you for sticking it out. Other posts are soon to follow, so if you want to, keep checking out my blog!

Left: the day I started my medications in Laguna Beach
Right: My first "regular size" outfit {thanks Old Navy!}

Left: The week before I started my medications
Right: The first pic I could see a difference... 7 weeks later