A love letter... #gratitude

Usually when someone writes a love letter it's full of romantic notions, fabulous memories, and descriptions of eyes/lips/hearts, and the like. This is a different kind of love letter... probably as equally cheesy as the aforementioned but a bit unorthodox. This love letter is dedicated to my family and friends.

I am sooooooo grateful for the continuous love, support, kindness, friendship, and warmth shown to me. It is overwhelming! You have really bent over backwards to ensure that I feel loved and it's incredible. The cards, phone calls, texts, emails, FaceTimes, visits, flowers, treats, etc. have truly lifted my spirits. Through these challenges I have faced, I have never once been left wanting. I have had someone with me every step of the way. The comfort I have felt is insurmountable. I do not think I can ever repay you all for your kindness, but I will pay it forward! I want to thank you all for not punching me when I've been whiny or needy. You have loved me and made me feel comforted and important. Thank you for loving me, especially when I'm sure it wasn't easy! I hope that if any of you ever need someone that I can be there for you. These words hardly seem like enough, but I hope they have conveyed just how grateful I am. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful!! I love you all more than I love shoes... #Bible. 

With love and adoration,
Kortni xoxo