Bulls Will Charge... #nevertroublefree

As someone who thrives on being in control and keeping busy, things could not seem worse. These past 5 weeks have brought some of the most trying circumstances I have had to face, but through it all I have not felt worried about the outcome nor have I felt alone. I have really learned to rely on my faith that everything happens for a reason and that no matter what I am not alone. 
The week before my health took a nose dive, I stumbled upon a quote from Jeffrey R. Holland's book, For Times of TroubleIt made me think about how many times we think that just because we are good people, doing nice things, doing the right things, etcetera, that bad things shouldn't happen to us.
I know, I know, it sounds cliche but it's so true! It doesn't matter how many hours you serve others, or if you are living life to your fullest potential, no one can be exempt from hardship. Sometimes I think I may be going through all of this to learn that I can delegate and that the world will not stop just because I can't do something. Other times, I feel like I could strangle any of the 7 doctors I have now seen... haha ;)  But most of all I am incredibly grateful that my family, friends, and co-workers have offered nothing but continuous support, love, and concern. If I ever feel alone, I can look back on this *chapter {let's hope it's a short one!} in the book of my life and remember how loved I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done and do for me. I love you all!!
Because this my blog and anyone who may be reading this knows how I love to take a good selfie... no matter what I look like, feel like, or can later recall taking... I thought I would make you laugh with a few hospital pics of me on morphine :)
*The title of this chapter will be:
My Brief {albeit too long for me} Time Stumbling Along Like Lucille 2
Kudos to those who get this joke!