Poetry... Not just for poets! #gettingchurchy

Sorry if My posts have seemed too churchy/preachy lately! I've had a lot of time to reflect on some of the things that happened in my life last year. When I'm processing things, I tend to write. These are two poems that I feel ready to share.

Savior for Me
Deafening silence in chaotic noise,
Missing savored moments of peace and joy.
Heart breaking, soul crushing, feeling all alone.
Wishing I could run, feeling weighed down by stones.
Searching for peace, comfort, and light,
Knowing I have to move forward and fight.
Fight for forgiveness and fight to forgive
Without it, I don't know how to live
Savior of man, Savior for me
Always my rescuer and brother will you be
Wrap me in your loving arms
Keep me safe from further harm
Grant me solace, calm my fears
Make me safe and dry my tears 
I cast on thee my burdens and cares
And unto you my soul I will bare
Your loving grace makes my heart full
Through thy atoning sacrifice I am made whole
I bow my head and close my eyes
With gratitude and light, once again I may rise
Forever changed, a stronger fighter
My burdens will be eternally lighter
Savior, Redeemer, Brother, Friend
Thy love and forgiveness have no end. 

The Light
The light was gone; I didn't know where it went,
I felt so lost and began searching for something Heaven-sent.
I turned to you for guidance and understanding,
You led me to a place of warmth for safe landing.
Through the ups and downs, the laughter and tears,
You made me realize and overcome my fears.
In my lowest of lows, you made me see,
That the light could always shine for me.
The light of joy, of hope, of grace, of love,
Full of forgiveness and peace from above.
May I always walk the path with my head held high,
Remembering that the light may dim, but will never die.
Your support and faith guided me home,
I now know and truly believe that I am never alone.

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