Silver linings... #gethappy

**Hopping up on my soapbox** 

It's been a few months, so I decided that it's time to write a post. Last week I was talking with one of my favorite people on God's green earth about how we have so much to be grateful for. I'm not going to lie-- life isn't  perfect and it's not always easy to find the silver lining, but isn't it so much better when we choose to be happy?! The past 14 months have been full of life altering events and choices; I haven't always been able to see the good. There have been days where I have had to force myself to find a positive thing, but I did it! I kept repeating every day that I could choose to be happy or choose to be mad/sad/annoyed/a wallowing mess, and I chose happiness. A friend took my mantra one step further and told me that I get to be happy. How great is that?! I GET to be happy. So I decided to take this another step further...

Several months ago, my sister Hayley took the 100 Happy Days challenge. She told me about it while she was staying with me when a very dear friend of ours passed away. Even though she was in the middle of this shocking and sad event, she had to find something that made her happy every day. That weekend we created moments of laughter and happiness amidst our tears and sorrow. She told me that the challenge was something I should consider taking. Since then, she and other friends on Instagram have taken and completed the challenge. I have loved seeing the pictures of what one finds happiness in! Sooooo Hayley.... Challenge accepted! 

Today I posted my first #100happydays photo, so only 99 to go :) If you are looking for something to help you find the good things in your life, take the challenge! Every day you can push yourself to find at least one thing that makes you happy. Being grateful for the smallest thing can really change your outlook. 

**Stumbling off my soap box** 

I love you all and hope you get to be happy!

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