A Year of Firsts... #anotheryeardown

On the last day of being 31 and reflecting on the past year, I've realized that 31 was full of firsts-- some good, some bad, super high and mega low. Either way, I wouldn't change the lessons I have learned. This is the year that taught me that it's okay to put yourself first once in a while. I went to Disneyland for the first time and found out that my irrational fear of rides and people dressed as animals were just that, irrational! Starting at a new company, being the new girl... not something I am very used to. This year, I came to terms with my anxiety. I learned that you can't always do things on your own and it's okay to ask for, accept, and receive help. The biggest lesson I learned is what inspired this post...

On my drive home from work today, one of my besties from college and I had some time to talk about what we have both have learned from our trials. For years we had both felt that when you reach a certain age or a point in your career, you should feel comfortable in where you are. After the ups and downs that we have both faced, we came to the same conclusion: I don't want to ever be so comfortable that I accept things just as they are. I want to always be reaching for a new goal. Adversity is what makes you stronger and hungrier for more. Complacency is the enemy. The new plan: every time I reach a goal, I will add a new one to the list!

Since last year was full of firsts, I'm looking at 32 as a year for second chances and second beginnings. So long 31! Thank you to my family and friends for your unconditional love and support throughout my life, but most importantly this past year. I know it hasn't been easy, but you all made it feel effortless when I needed you most. You are the heart of my life's story. Thank you!! xoxo


  1. I'm so happy that you made it through your illness this year. It was quite a challenge that ended up well, but only due to your perseverance, tenacity, intellect, and faith were you able to reinvent yourself. Oh, and your charming personality didn't hurt, either!

    I hope that this year is your happiest year yet! Love, Mom

    1. Thank you, mama {insert Downton accent here}! Your example, love, and Sicilian nurturing have shaped me into the person I am today. I love you so so much and am so grateful that I have had you by my side. xoxo your favorite miracle child ;)


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